Fish Shipping Options

FedEx 2Day Delivery Estimated within 1 to 3 business days
US $19.00
FedEx Overnight One-day Shipping. Estimated within 1 business day
US $35.00

Combined shipping is available for an additional charge of $4.00 per each fish.


Fish Shipping Schedule:

We only ship live fish Monday – Wednesday to avoid an extra day in the mail during the weekends.


We ship within The United States including Puerto Rico, *Hawaii, and all US territory.

*Hawaii state laws require a shipping permit. The permit can be purchased at your local post office. Once the permit is acquired, please send it to us by email, in order to complete the shipping process. Shipping live fish or invertebrates into Hawaii without a permit is a serious matter. The consequences could be a hefty fines, or even years in prison for both of us. You (the customer) need to obtain a permit from the Hawaii State Dept. of Agriculture, the phone number is  808-832-0566. This permit is only good for one shipment, and costs $20.00. You can also request a permit for unlimited shipments for one year. Here is the link. Read under “Importing Non-Domesticated Animals”
Procedure of Importing Animals to Hawaii From US Mainland

Fish Packing:

Your fish will be packaged securely and carefully to ensure safe arrival in a cardboard box insulated with Styrofoam, and a heat pack included during the winter months. We also add methylene blue to the water to alleviate the stress, and prevent bacterial or fungal diseases.

The day your order ships, you will receive an e-mail with all the shipping information so you can make arrangements to welcome your new water pet. Please Note: We strongly encourage someone to be available at the time of delivery to prevent the fish from being exposed to the elements and extreme temperatures.

Please understand that shipping live fish is a delicate and time consuming process. It takes time, dedication, and special care to ensure the safety of the fish. During the harsh cold weather occasionally we use our discretion when to ship the fish. In the event the shipping day is postponed we do keep you informed via email. 

Watch the video about how we pack and ship our Betta’s